We adapt our services to the specific needs of our customers

Taking into account the Sector of activity to which they belong; its business potential and the territorial scope of its Market; always trying to adapt the protection of its Industrial Property to its strategic Marketing.

  • Advice on business management of industrial property assets:
    • As professionals in business management, we give advice for the adequate protection of Industrial Property, taking into account the company’s marketing strategies. In this sense, we condition other aspects of the advice mentioned here (legal and technical) to this first aspect.
  • Legal advice:
    • With lawyers specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property law, we are dedicated to providing exclusive legal advice in these two legal matters.
    • The industrial property:
      • It includes everything that refers to technical inventions (patents and utility models), creations of form (models and industrial drawings), and distinctive commercial signs (service and product marks, trade names, trademarks establishments).
      • Intellectual property regulates copyright, that is, all original literary, artistic or scientific creations, including: books, printed matter, writings, speeches, lectures, musical compositions, theatrical works, works audio-visuals, sculptures, works of painting, drawing, engraving, comics, projects, plans, models and designs of architectural and engineering works, maps and designs relating to topography, geography and science, photographic works and computer programs.
      • We therefore provide advice on everything that refers to the different types of protection, rights and obligations that include:
  1. Necessity or convenience of registration
  2. Negotiations in economic transactions
  3. Drafting of contracts for assignment of rights, conciliations, claim of rights due to legal infringements, etc.
  • Technical advice:
    • We have our own professionals for technical analysis and advice, with regard to inventions that require it due to their complexity or sophistication.
    • Patents or utility models that provide a world novelty must be subjected to careful technical supervision before initiating any legal action aimed at protecting their exclusivity.

Registration procedures before the Public Organizations of industrial and intellectual property and surveillance of intruders.

For the exercise of Industrial Property rights, registration with the Industrial Property Public Bodies is required.

We also act before the Internal Market Harmonization Office (Community Trademark and Community Design), and before the World Intellectual Property Office (International Trademarks and PCT Patents), also having correspondents abroad for the protection of records in those countries that may be of interest.

To this end, we carry out:

  • Registration procedures before the Organizations, and all subsequent follow-up, such as:
    • Answering suspensions
    • Presentation of oppositions and appeals against file denials
    • Payment of titles, renewals and annuities
    • Registration of transfers
    • Obtaining certificates
    • Various managements
  • Monitoring the publication of requests for records that may harm those of our clients, presenting oppositions against these requests and appeals against concessions.
  • Regarding Intellectual Property, even if the registration is not necessary in order to demand the rights corresponding to a certain creation, it may be convenient for the purpose of pre-constitute a proof of ownership on the same.

Both Industrial Property and Intellectual Property have as their purpose the exclusive exploitation of certain creations, which are susceptible to commercialization in the market, and which have significant economic importance. This exclusive right is normally respected, but on many occasions there are usurpations and conflicts arising from conflicting interests, which cannot be resolved amicably, and require the relevant judicial actions to be carried out, which restore the violated rights.

We also intervene in the defense of our clients before the Courts and Tribunals, carrying out all the legal actions that protect their interests.