Professional experience at the service of creativity

Intellectual Property, are all forms of human creation and innovation, mainly applicable to companies, which can be owned and exploited commercially as properties, since there is a legal body that refers to them as patent rights; trademarks, industrial designs, plant varieties and copyrights.


The vocation and also the activity of our company is to provide our clients with a global service in the matter of Protection of their Intellectual Property assets.

We combine imagination and our professional experience, to serve our clients when establishing an individualized protection strategy for their assets in Industrial Property: Trademarks, Designs, Patents and Copyrights.




Our team is a specialist in Business Management, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law and Engineering (industrial and chemical).

This interdisciplinarity provides our clients with a vision of the cases as a whole based on knowledge and experience and at the same time on creativity in approaches; which allows us to obtain a high percentage of successes in the cases we bring.


Our trajectory of more than 20 years in the Management and help in the exploitation of Industrial and Intellectual Property has allowed us to acquire an experience and seriousness in the service approach that has made a wide range of companies have entrust the management of your Industrial and Intellectual Property to us.